Current problems of Europe

The «democracy of the miracle» Italian populism considered in a historical perspective

Валле Р.

Valle Roberto – Professor of History of Eastern Europe at the Faculty of Political Science, Sociology, Communication of the University of Rome, «La Sapienza».


After the parliamentary elections of March 4, 2018, Italy has been ruled by the coalition composed of «the League» and the «Five Star Movement» which is characterized as a «government of change», as a main act of the «Third Republic». The coalition is based on a alliance between the «protest populism» and «national populism». If the era of Berlusconi was characterized as «the Belle époque» of the boors, the coming to power of the coalition between «the League» and the «Five Star Movement» appears to be the beginning of a sort of «the Belle époque» of the politicians who can lose legitimacy in the future.


Italy, protest populism, identity populism, digital democracy.

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