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The Middle East security dilemma of Turkey: From cooperation with the West in the struggle against terrorism to the reliance on jihadists in regional politics

Шлыков П.В.

Shlykov P.V. – Ph.D. in history, associate professor, Middle Eastern history department, Institute of Asian and African studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University, chairman of the Council for young scientists of the Institute of Asian and African studies.


Abstract. The paper analyses historical dynamics of cooperation between Turkey, the EU and US in the global war on terrorism and differences in their perspectives on international security and its implementation. Despite successful cooperation in the struggle against terrorism during 2002–2012 these differences in perspectives on international security prevented full scale integration of Turkey into Western system of international security in the Middle East. The «Arab spring» and further escalation of instability in the region spotlighted the directions of this divergence and accelerated Ankara’s ambitions for regional leadership in the Middle East with its own agenda and strategy for use of both state and non-state actors in the region.


Keywords: Turkey, the EU, US, international security, war on terrorism, Islamists, jihadists.

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