Current problems of Europe

Jihadist challenge in France

Чернега В.Н.

Tchernega V.N. – Sc.D. in law, leading researcher, Department of Europe and America, INION RAS; Minister Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.


Abstract. The article considers external and internal factors which determined the emergence of a jihadist threat in France. In this context, the influence of a jihadist propaganda, conducted from outside, on French Musilims and particularities of the evolution of the Muslim community within the country which faciltated appearance of «domestic» jihadists are analyzed. The tentatives of Frehch authorities to integtate Muslims into French society are examined. The last part gives a short review of approaches of the main candidates towards a solution of these problems before the presidential election which have taken place in April-May 2017.


Keywords: jihadist challenge, French Muslims, integration, presidential election, approaches of the main candidates.

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