Current problems of Europe

About the Journal

«Current problems of Europe» (CPE) is a periodical journal published by the Center for Scientific and Information Studies of Global and Regional Problems of the INION RAS. The publication is included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation (groups of scientific specialties: 08.00.00 - Economic Sciences and 23.00.00 - Political Science).

The journal publishes articles on the socio-economic, domestic political development of European states, their foreign policy, including the use of military tools, as well as issues and prospects for the functioning of international structures with the participation of European countries.

The magazine "Current problems of Europe" has been published since 1994.

The frequency of publication of the APE - 4 times a year. All issues of the journal are thematic in nature. The overwhelming majority of journal publications are analytical articles. In addition, the publication has a column "Analytical Reviews."

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