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Problems and prospects of the global subjectivity of Germany in military and political relations: realities of the early 2020s

Трунов Ф.О.

Trunov Philipp Olegovich – Ph.D. in Political Sciences, Leading Researcher, INION RAS


The formation of a new world order embraces not only the institutionalization of the non-West, but also the restructuring of the West. In this process, important role belongs to such European states as Federal Republic of Germany. The goal of the article is to explore Germany’s military and political prospects at the global arena in the early 2020s. Germany’s contribution to the restructuring of the West is carried out primarily through NATO and the EU. Berlin strives to be a coordinator in the most important areas of improving the EU’s military-strategic capabilities. However, in the early 2020s, Germany did not insist on the accelerated development of these capabilities, including the creation of a «European army». At the same time, FRG played an active role in the accelerated strengthening of NATO’s powerful, well-organized military potential, staffed mainly by European member states’ contingents. Also Germany has become one of the main actors providing military-technical support to official Kyiv during Russia’s special military operation. In general, Germany’s contribution to the deterrence of Russia is characterized by smooth, steady quantitative and qualitative growth. Thus, Germany in practice supported a new scheme for sharing responsibility between «Western democracies» in confrontations with non-Western states, namely: the United States does focuse on the deterrence of China, and the European partners do focuse on the deterrence of Russia. The article concludes that the growing involvement of Germany in the restructuring of the West is not only accompanied by a weakening of its positions outside the Euro-Atlantic community, but also does not always give the expected result even within it.


Germany, foreign policy, NATO, «framework nation», EU, USA, confrontation, deterrence, Russia, China, Euro-Atlantic community, Asia, Africa, world order.

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