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Regionalization of the world system: the case of interaction between the PRC and Central and Eastern European countries in transport infrastructure projects

Перминова А.А., Кадыров С.С., Кривушкова А.И

Perminova Alexandra Alexandrovna – Researcher, Center for World Politics and Strategic Anal-ysis, Institute of China and Contemporary Asia RAS. Kadyrov Samir Sanzharovich – 3rd year undergraduate student, Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, National Research University «Higher School of Economics». Krivushkova Alexandra Igorevna – 3rd year undergraduate student, Institute of Asian and Afri-can Countries, Lomonosov Moscow State University.


The article examines the state of ongoing and planned transport projects implemented in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) within the frame-work of the Chinese initiative «One Belt – One Road» (Belt and Road initiative, BRI). The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing geo-economic turbulence has accelerated the process of restructuring the global economy towards regionalization. States began to change traditional logistics routes and shift value chains, thereby securit-izing supplies and investments, creating new economic zones. Thus, the idea of building a common cultural and economic space in Eurasia, implemented by the PRC since 2013, has acquired a new dimension. The most indicative in the frame-work of the BRI implementation at the present stage is the case of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, which are at the crossroads of the pan-European and Chinese transport and infrastructure projects. It was the CEE countries that demonstrated the most successful performance in the region for 2022 as part of the implementation of the BRI, which in the future will affect not only the transport communications system in the region, but also the presence of Chinese investment in the region’s key infrastructure industry in indi-vidual CEE countries. This study focuses on the current status of BRI transport in-frastructure projects in Central and Eastern Europe, which is influenced by two opposite trends – the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the implementation of regional infrastructure projects and the growing interest of the PRC in the CEE re-gion as an important element of its logistics continental BRI project.


regionalization, Central and Eastern Europe, One Belt – One Road, Chinese in-vestment, infrastructure connectivity, transport and communications.

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