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India – US relations from the economic perspective: «Chemistry» vs. «math»

Шавлай Э.П.

Shavlay Ellina Petrovna – PhD student, Department of Asian and African studies, analyst, Laboratory of international trends analysis, MGIMO University


The article examines the evolution of trade and economic cooperation between India and the United States and its current state against the backdrop of new geopolitical developments in Asia. During the Cold War, Indian-American relations were usually limited to trade. Delhi’s non-alignment strategy did not find adequate support from the American side. By that time, economic cooperation with India was viewed as an opportunity to promote the capitalist development model in the Third World. However, the bipolar system collapsed, which led to changes in the policies of both countries. It was the economic sphere that facilitated the interaction between the two countries. Until recently, trade between them developed at a fairly rapid pace owing to both the changing world order and the Indian course towards liberalization and active participation in international trade. Also, Indian-American relations have begun to improve in many respects thanks to Washington’s revision of its foreign policy concepts.The author shows statistics on the main macroeconomic indicators of India and the United States, the dynamics of interaction between the two countries, and investment flows. Besides, the author analyzes the main obstacles to India–US economic interaction under the administrations of N. Modi and D. Trump. At the same time, the article emphasizes the positions each side takes regarding the existing trade hurdles between the two states and provides explanations of their arguments. The role of personality as a factor is also considered. Most importantly, the author examines the underlying reasons for the major fallouts in the India–US trade and economic partnership.


India, United States, trade and economic cooperation, geopolitics, China, Modi, Trump.

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