Current problems of Europe

Forecasting of integration, social and economic development: re-structuring for Europe and modernization in Russia

Чумаков В.А., Чумаков А.Г.

Chumakov V.A. – candidate of sciences (Ph. D.) in Political Sciences, assistant professor, assistant-chief of the Office – chief of Secretariat of Council Chairman, Social Chamber of Russian Federation Chumakov A.G. – candidate of sciences (Ph. D.) in Economics, economist, Arzamas Politechnical Institute


Global and local challenges for the Russian modernization and innovative agenda as well as priorities and prospects of regional economic integration with participation of the Russian Federation on the post-Soviet territory, in the Euroasian and Asian-Pacific supraregions are being studied in this article


Integration processes, modernization, innovative development, models of economic growth, technological platforms, cluster activities.

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