Current problems of Europe

«Power Europe» according to E. Macron: mirage or real prospect?

Чернега В.Н.

Chernega Vladimir Nikolaevich – Sc.D. in Law, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Envoy, Chief Researcher, INION RAS


The article examines attempts of French President Emmanuel Macron to encourage the European Union to become a «Power Europe» with military potential, capable of competing for international influence with the United States, China, and Russia. According to Emmanuel Macron, within the framework of such a «power» it would be easier for France to realize its own national aspirations. It is noted that by the time E. Macron came to power (2017), the EU had already created some prerequisites for the formation of a «European autonomous defense», but could not achieve more. An objective obstacle to this was the North Atlantic Alliance, which provides collective defense of its member states under the auspices of the United States. Emmanuel Macron, with the support of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, managed to revive the process of military-political integration in the EU. However, under Chancellor Olof Scholz, the Franco-German tandem encountered difficulties. Germany, which pretends to be a global player, was increasingly less inclined to accept France’s claims to a leading role. In connection with the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, pro-Atlantic sentiments have intensified among the German elites. In addition, within the EU pro-American Poland, taking advantage of this conflict, is trying to push out France and Germany, and also is pushing its no less pro-American Ukrainian partner into the «Euro-Atlantic space». NATO expands to include Finland and Sweden. Thus, at this stage, the prospects for the «Power Europe» look more than vague. But in the long term, the situation does not seem so clear, the «Power Europe» may have some chances, but it doesn’t mean that it will develop in the interests of France.


«Power Europe», «European autonomous defense», Franco-German tandem, Polish problem, long-term perspective.

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